The, “Theory,” of Evolution

For ages man has grappled with the question of the origin of the universe. Where did it all begin? One thing both Christians and non-Christians agree on is that Everything that has begun must have had an adequate cause. It is the simple law of cause and effect. If you see an effect in nature, there must have been a cause.  We could go all the way back to the question, “What is the original cause of the universe?” At some point it is imperative that at least one thing is eternal, without beginning. This eternal, whatever it is, can be the initial cause.
There are two greatly different answers to the question of the original cause. On one hand we have some who believe that eternal cosmic matter came together by random chance this reaction is called the big bang. The big bang is believed to be the seed of the entire universe. Carl Sagan, “The cosmos is all there is or was, or ever will be.” So according to Carl, In the beginning was the cosmos.


Internal Combustion Engine
Now the question is, dose science and reason point to this theory? There is an old argument that asks a simple question to the proponents of the big bang theory. It asks, if you had an internal combustion engine in your garage totally disassembled sitting in a box, what are the chances that over billions and billions of years the pieces came together by random chance and put the engine together correctly and made it run? The idea is ridiculous. But that is what some scientist would have you believe happened at the point of creation.

Letters in a Hat
Some will argue that if you put cards with letters of the alphabet into a hat and had someone draw out cards at random, eventually you would spell words even sentences. Eventually if given billions of years you could write an entire book.
This brings up another question, “What do the letters mean?” We could argue that letters don’t have meaning outside of the system of the language. A language is a complex code. We also know that DNA, the building blocks of life, is a complex code. The problem with your alphabet in the hat argument is that matter had to give rise to a code making system.  According to the book, In the beginning was information, “There is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information, neither is any physical process, or material phenomenon known that can do this.”
The second law of thermodynamics

This law states that the universe is running down. Energy is becoming less and not more. Order gives way to chaos. The world is not self sustaining. This truth nullifies the theory that eternal cosmic matter came together to create a complex world of great order and complex code. The science it seams points away from the theory of eternal cosmic mater coming together in a big bang as the initial cause.

Creation Theory

Big bang theorists believe in eternal cosmic matter. Creationists believe in an eternal God. The Bible begins with those famous words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The Bible does not open with a defense of the existence of God. It simply presupposes it. In the beginning before there was anything else there was God existing form eternity past. We see that same thing in a prayer of Moses is recorded in the psalms. Moses wrote, “Before the mountains were born you brought forth the earth and the world, everlasting to everlasting you are God,” (Ps. 90:2 NIV). The Hebrew word for, “Everlasting,” is a word that means, to the vanishing point. Moses was saying that from as far as you can go until you can go no further back, there You were God; and as far as you can go ahead until there is no further you can go, there you will be also. So Christians believe God is eternal and is the initial cause.

creation-vs-evolutionFather in Heaven, thank You for revealing Your wisdom, power, and glory through creation!  You set the stars in their place and You know them by name.  You are too wondrous to comprehend!  In Jesus Name I praise You.  Amen! 


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