Guns, Guitars, and Glory

Skate park

If you know me well, you know I have a lot of hobbies. I mean a lot! I enjoy shooting guns, playing guitar, aquariums, boating, fishing, drawing, painting, carving, motorcycles and more. When I was a kid I rode a freestyle bike. I always wanted to ride in a skate park, but there wasn’t one in the town I grew up in. As a child I always wanted a minibike, (an off road motorcycle).
Most of us have what is called a, “Bucket List.” This is a list of things we would love to do before our time on earth here is done. As we age many of our childhood dreams die away. This has me wondering. Will there be Skate parks in Eternity? It sounds silly but I’m being serious. What about all of the things we love? Will grandma make quilts forever in the presence of God? Will there be mountains and snowboards, and skis?
The psalmist wrote in Psalm 84:10, “For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” The psalmist was so enthralled with the presence of the Lord, there was nowhere else he would rather be.
Have you ever had a time of worship at church that was so amazing you didn’t want it to end? Have you ever been in the word and just couldn’t stop reading? Have you ever been praying or singing in the Spirit and you didn’t want quit? The manifest presence God is a beautiful, powerful thing!
Perhaps in eternity there will be skate parks, skis, and sail boats. If so no doubt they will be there for the glory of God. However, I have a picture in my mind of entering glory and seeing an empty skate park. I imagine passing the lake side and all of the boats are tied up to the docks, not a single one in use. I picture all of the things in this life that you and I desired so greatly just lying there unused. Then I imagine rounding the bend in the path, being drawn by the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard, and there before me is a clearing. In the clearing is the manifest presence of the Living God. There I fall to my knees before Him. Never before had I experienced such love, such a surge of power, such wonder, and excitement. It all becomes clear. Better is one day in the presence of the great and mighty Living God, than a thousand days elsewhere!
Father in Heaven, may I give You the Glory due Your most AWESOME, HOLY Name! Forgive me I pray for longing for what pales in comparison to Your most excellent presence. As I live the rest of my time on this earth. May I spend it in pursuit of You! In the matchless Name of Jesus I pray. Amen!


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