Casual Christianity


I’m often inspired by people who live their lives sold out for Jesus. We live in a culture of casual Christianity. We often compartmentalize our faith, being on fire for God on Sunday and living like the devil himself throughout the week.
The Thessalonians lived a life of radical obedience to God, and their faith penetrated every area of their lives. Christianity was not something they did. It was who they were.

1 Thess

When Paul prayed, he thanked God for their work of faith. Paul was thankful the Thessalonians had such a faith in God they could not keep it a secret. In fact their faith had gone forth everywhere! Could anyone say that of me? Could people say that about you? Has our faith gone out everywhere?
Paul was also thankful for their labor of love. The Thessalonians gave of themselves for God and for others motivated by the love of God working in and through them. Again I wonder. Would people say that of you and me? Are we known for our continual labor of love?
Finally, Paul remembered the Thessalonians in his prayers for their steadfastness of hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. They were waiting, it seems, with expectation for the Son of God to return from heaven, Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come! What an encouragement! These believers were not just casual Christians. They lived with eternity in mind. They lived in expectation that Christ is coming back in all His glory to receive His saints to Himself before the final judgement.
Father in Heaven, may I be known for my work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in my Lord Jesus Christ. Forgive me I pray for living a casual Christian life. Help me fall deeper in love with You, and allow You to love others through me. I pray in Jesus mighty Name, Amen!



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