The Holy Spirit Falls on Australia!

An Australian teen girl went to a Christian camp the summer of 2013. Having been raised in a conservative Christian home she was not prepared for what happened there. The teen reported having a vision of, “A teenager cutting their wrists, just to feel physical pain rather than their emotional pain. Teenagers my age committing suicide thinking that they are worthless pieces of crap, nobody wants them. God said to me “this breaks my heart, now it breaks yours” I also that night spoke in tongues, it was such a different feeling, there a feeling like butterflies in my stomach, and there was something on my tongue, I just opened my mouth and I was speaking in tongues.” She went on to say, “The next day I received a passion for the lost. I am not sure who else did. I cried for all the people’s pain, I felt their pain, it was like I was carrying it, God gave me their burden, of pain. And I cried. When I went home I cried that night because I still felt that pain. The next day we could say what camp was like, I said I spoke in tongues and than about the passion for the lost, I was still feeling that pain and I nearly burst out crying in front of people I just felt that pain again.”
Father in heaven, may Your Spirit fall on us as He did on that young girl two summers ago. May we have the same heart for the hurting as You gave her. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, fall fresh on us today we pray.  May we move from the mundane in to the miraculous we pray in Jesus Holy Name, AMEN!


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