The Perfect Marinade Recipet


Steak takes on the flavor of that in which it is marinated. You can take the steak out of the marinade but you can’t take the marinade out of the steak. In the same way you and I take on the flavor of the world in which we marinate. It is therefore vital we take on the characteristics of the living God by abiding in His living Word. If there is one thing I can do to encourage you toward a victorious Christian life it is to implore you to saturate yourself in the living Word. Blessings, freedom, and victory in the troubled areas of our lives are found by abiding in the Word of God!

Verse pic

Where do you live? In an apartment or flat, a condo, or a home? Do you live in the country or in the city? Where do you live spiritually? Do you walk in counsel of the wicked, listening to the voices of the culture and those who pattern their lives after ways of the world? Do you stand with those who reject the will of the living God and openly pervert His holy ways? Do you sit in the seat of scoffers, mocking those who follow hard after God? Do you delight in His law, and meditate on His word? Do you, “Abide,” in His Word?
Throughout the Scriptures there is a reoccurring theme. There are blessings, freedom, and victory in connecting to the heart of God through His Word.


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