Christian Recovery: How could this happen to me?

RecoveryHow could this happen to me? How could this happen to my child?
Have you ever asked those questions? Isn’t addiction something that happens to, “Those people?” But I’m not one of, “Those people,” or my child is not one of, “Those people.” The truth is we are all, “Those people.” Like everyone else our desires and our children’s desires are to get through this thing called life. But as we have all figured out by now the real world is a cold hard place and life is seldom fair.
We come across all sorts of challenges in school and work, with family and friends, and in the community. We find ourselves facing anger caused by blocked goals. We face anxiety of the uncertainties of life. We confront depression as some of life’s situations seam beyond repair. Each and every situation in life, big or small, presents challenges. The question is, “How well will I solve these challenges?” To put it another way, we lack problem solving skills.
In Recovery we learn we don’t have a drug, alcohol, or compulsive behavior problems, we have life problems. Our compulsive behaviors are often our solution. When we don’t feel accepted or have the approval of others, when we don’t have joy or peace in this life we often turn to a compulsive behavior to ease the pain, dissociate, or help us feel as if we are in control.
Everyone does this at some level. When life gets challenging some turn inward and get lost in a book or a movie, some turn to food, others turn to shopping, still others find respite in pornography, gambling, drugs, or alcohol.
To make things worse many of our compulsive behaviors are addictive. What began as something we went to for comfort has slowly begun to take control of us. As the process plays out we find the addiction spreading like a deadly cancer to different areas of our lives. There comes a point when we believe we need to be rid of our addiction. The challenge is the addiction has become a crutch to help us through the struggles of life. When faced with the possibility of living life without the crutch we often become anxious. We can liken the situation to taking the crutch away from someone with a broken leg before the leg had time to heal. When we try to take the drug away before we deal with the challenges in life that led us to or keeps us living in our addictions we fide it very difficult.
This life is challenging. We all cope in different ways. Many find healthy ways to secure love, joy, and peace in life. Others turn to compulsive addictive behaviors. Young and old, rich and poor, doctors, dentist, school teachers, and lawyers, all are susceptible to addiction. From the rich and famous to the down and out we are all, “Those people.”
Perhaps the most well-known verse in all the Bible says this, ““For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” So remember, Christ died for, “Those people.”
If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or compulsive behaviors please don’t wait, get help today. Start the healing process. There is a greater peace beyond your current pain.


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