Is Marriage a Government Thing?

An elderly couple wanted to get married. Doing so would result in a substantial loss of income due to certain laws regarding benefits that the woman was currently receiving. The couple wanted to do what they believed was right in the eyes of God and not simply move in together. However, they simply could not afford to get married and loose the wife’s income. Moving in together would be completely legal in the eyes of the government, and the woman could keep her benefits, but would violate the will of God. Getting married would be God honoring but would leave the couple in an impossible financial situation. What is a Christian to do?
Today one needs to apply for a marriage license, pay fees, and fill out forms for the government in order to get, “Legally Married.” The government has every right to impose guidelines and restrictions as it sees fit. People are sometimes surprised at my response when they ask me my thoughts on gay marriage. “Do you believe in gay marriage?” they ask. “Yes,” I reply. “The government can do whatever they want.” Gay marriage has now become a government issue. However true Biblical marriage has nothing to do with the government.
It was not until 1921 that the government got involved in marriages. Before that time this Judeo Christian practice was left to the Rabbi and the Pastor or Priest. True Biblical marriage is one man and one woman making vows in the presence of God before witnesses. Like baptism, marriage is a God thing, not a government thing. The government may suddenly decide to get into the baptism business. They could set standards and qualifications for baptism. Only those who filled out the proper paper work, paid the fees, and followed the government protocol would be, “Legally Baptized.” This would not prevent the church from baptizing people according to their faith in what they believe to be the true biblical mandate.
In the same way nothing prevents pastors from performing true biblical marriages as they have done for nearly 2,000 years prior to the government’s involvement. As for the case of the elderly couple, I suggest they get married. When I say, “Get married,” I mean in the true Biblical sense. Despite popular belief God does not need to see a marriage license. He does need Godly men and woman committed in a relationship with Him and each other in lifelong commitment.
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