Go tell it on the Mountians!

go tell

If you have been touched by the heart of God, if you are redeemed, if you are forgiven, if you are a child of God, you have a story to tell!  It is a story of who you were before you met Christ.  It is a story of how you believed in Christ.  It is also a story of who you became once you were a new creation in Christ.

This story is powerful because it it your miracle  story.  The story of death of your old self.  The story of rebirth.  This is a story of hope for those who have yet to receive God’s great gift of grace.  Won’t you tell your story?

My Story is this:


The summery of my story might look like this.

Before: Rebellious, Selfish, Skipped School

Believed: Trusted in Christ, In High School, Through Youth For Christ

Became: Adopted child of God, Forgiven, Made New, Free from Condemnation, Care for the hurting

Now it is your turn.  Send me your story as a, “Comment,” to this blog, or in an e-mail.  I will post your story here on A Minute in the Word.  Then you can send your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to read your story and the story of others who’s lives have been changed by the Savior.

Send your Before, Believed, and Became stories to bfontaine74@gmail.com.  And go tell it on the mountains!



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