Angie’s Story

letterThis week I asked readers to share their story.

“If you have been touched by the heart of God, if you are redeemed, if you are forgiven, if you are a child of God, you have a story to tell!  This story is powerful because it it your miracle  story.  The story of death of your old self.  The story of rebirth.  This is a story of hope for those who have yet to receive God’s great gift of grace.  Won’t you tell your story?”

This response came to from Angie Croarkin from Merriville IN.

Before:  I can’t remember a before. I have believed in God for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember understanding that I had a soul separate from my body at a very young age. This was a blessing I didn’t even understand at the time and one I would take for granted.

Believed:  My Grandfather died when I was in the 2nd grade. My mother explained death and heaven to me in a little more detail given the circumstance. I went outside afterwards to play. I was walking to a friends house contemplating all I had heard. I looked up at the vast blue sky with white clouds and I “knew” there was a huge powerful God up there. I knew it so much that I wanted to cower under a bush. I was terrified. I knew He was powerful and huge. I believed with the child like faith we read about. I wish I could say I did all the right things from that day forward but I didn’t.  I was in and out for a long time.  I have to say that even at my worst, God would call me again and again until the light-bulb finally stayed on. If I wrote about this process it would be a novel. It was ridiculous how a believer could be so blind.

Became:  Oh, I have become ever so thankful for the realization that no matter how far I fell that Christ was there every second, every minute, patiently forgiving, and waiting for me to call on him in repentance. I had much to repent. So much so that it took me years to accept that his grace was enough!  He finally led me to the Samaritan woman passage, Go and sin no more!  Praise be to God!  I started spending daily time in study and prayer. How in the world I didn’t get that missing link all those years I may never know. He has used me in visions, in prayer for someone I had never met, and He has shown me just how blessed I am. He has held my face, and comforted the deepest part of me with the knowledge that eternity is a very long time!  I can’t wait to live in the presence of God, face to face. It’s where my soul longs to be.  If I had one thing to pass along it would be to get in the Word everyday of your life.  I have witnessed his presence, his blessings, his forgiveness, and his almighty love. All it took was a little bit of commitment and the floodgates he opened are amazing!

Angie Croarkin


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