Doris’s Story


This week I have been encouraging readers to send in their stories.  If you have been redeemed by Jesus you have a story.  You, like the rest of us are not perfect, but you have a story.  Would you consider sharing yours?  Tell us who you were Before you met Jesus.  Tell us how you Believed in Jesus as your Savior.  Then tell us what changed in your life when you Became a child of God.
Doris of Valparaiso Indiana USA wrote,
“I was the middle child between two brothers who were easy-to-raise children.  I presented more of a challenge to my parents who both indicated I “was born stubborn, then took a setback.”  (However, in later years they seemed to enjoy telling the stories which validated that conclusion.)  On my fifth grade report card, I earned A’s in reading, spelling, & arithmetic–and “poor” in cooperates in work and play.
I was raised in a Christian home and regularly attended church.  When I was in either the fifth or sixth grade, the Gideons came to our school and gave each student in the class a New Testament.  They asked us if we would promise to read it, and I promised.  Being entirely too proud to think of myself as a liar, I started reading at the beginning and over a period of several months read the whole New Testament, and in doing so I fell in love with Jesus.  When I was 13 years old, our church had a revival.  My family did not go the first night, and when I talked to a girlfriend before the service on the second night, she said five words that have impacted my life.  She said, “I got saved last night.”  As soon as she said that, my heart responded with, “I want to get saved tonight–and I did.
Since that time, God has taken my stubbornness and changed it into steadfastness.  He has taken my pride, and He’s still working on that.  Do I have any regrets?  Yes.  I regret the hurtful things I have done and said, things that I knew God did not want me to do or say–but He forgives!  Not only is it well with my soul, but the joy of the Lord is my heart’s delight.”

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