Race Baiting, and I’m sick and tired of it!!!


The Washington Post headline today illustrates so much of that which is wrong in America.  The headline reads, “Korryn Gaines is the ninth black woman shot and killed by police this year.”  The headline suggests that the Korryn Gaines was a victim of racial discrimination along with eight other, “Black woman,” who were, “Shot and killed by police this year.”  If you take the time to read the article you learn that tragically Korryn Gaines pointed a shotgun at police who had come to arrest her on a warrant for failing to appear in court after a traffic violation in March. 

Every story has a purpose.  The purpose of one story might be to inspire.  Other stories might be intended to instruct, explain, or simply to humor.  The purpose of some stories is simply to disseminate information.  News organizations in America have long held a position of integrity claiming long before Fox News officially coined the phrase, to be, “Fair and balanced.” 

Yet headlines generate, “Clicks,” and clicks are valuable in the new world of internet news.  This causes some so called, “News Organizations,” such as the Washington Post, to not worry so much about being fair and worry even less about being balanced.  The purpose of many articles, such as this one, is clearly to generate traffic.  The tool used in this particular article is race baiting. 

No right thinking American is going to conclude that the police are targeting black woman to kill in cold blood after reading the Washington Post article.  However, that’s exactly what the headline of this article suggests.  Shameless!  A once respected news outlet, The Washington Post, has stooped to the level of tabloid news in an effort to stay competitive in an ever changing internet news market. 

The other problem is this.  This headline clearly misrepresents the facts of the story suggesting a racial discrimination that in this case does not exist.  Yet, the Washington Post was willing to sacrifice the truth on the altar of profiteering.  Further, this kind of headline only fuels the very real fire of racial tensions in our country today. This is race baiting, and I’m sick and tired of it!!!