The Pain of Addiction


If you have never struggled with addiction you must read this!  This short essay was written by an individual in throws of addiction.  Note the way the writer describes this struggle with addiction.  It is almost seen as a living breathing enemy.

“The pain of addiction can never be fully realized outside of the human soul so unfortunate to have found him or herself within the grasp of her ugly piercing teeth.  What metaphor is appropriate to describe addiction? How could one who has never experienced it ever understand the gravity of addiction on one’s life?   Perhaps it could be likened to a choking vine that grows up beautiful at first but soon is so wild and nu-tamable.   It wraps it’s self so completely around you that it is difficult to determine what part is you and what part is the addiction.  It has grown so fast and wild that it chokes out nearly every area of your life.   Perhaps addiction is best described as a demon inside you.  He fights for control of your thoughts and actions.  Although there are victories you are constantly aware of his presence and his power.  I think of addiction as a dragon.  He is fierce, unmerciful, and seeks to utterly destroy you.

Sometimes the addiction is so overwhelming that I can literally pray to God for strength to turn from the destructive beast only to go immediately after it.


Let’s pray for those caught in the dragon’s teeth.


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