Hello, I’m Brian Fontaine.


I married my High School sweet heart, Anne, back in 1994. We have two adopted children born in 2001 and 2003.  We have fostered multiple children over the past several years.


I started my education at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois. In 2004 I transferred to Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla GA. I graduated with a B.S. in Biblical studies in 2008.  I earned a Certificate in Addiction & Recovery from Light University in 2010.

Work History

In 2008 I began serving Washington Church in Valparaiso Indiana as Associate Pastor. In 2012 I took over as Sr. Pastor until 2016. During my years as a pastor I serve the community through pastoral counseling and 12 step groups. I also had the opportunity to served at Frontline Foundations, a faith based recovery program in Chesterton Indiana. I also served at Calvary Radio in Valparaiso on “Battle Ground,” a 30 minute live radio show twice a month as well as, “A Minute in the Word,” a daily 2 minute prerecorded inspirational radio spot. In 2017 I began work at Westville Correctional Facility as an Addiction Recovery Specialist.


In 2012 I created, “Freedom Christian Recovery,” a faith based recovery program that incorporates research based recovery, the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Biblical principles to help individuals find freedom from the bondage to addictions and compulsive behaviors. I began blogging in 2015.

Feel free to contact me at:



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